Pugg Goals

Pugg Goals are safe and durable portable pop-up soccer goals that fold up easily to a 1" flat oval that makes it easy for storage. The Pugg Soccer Goal is a favorite coaching aid among soccer coaches. Coaches love using the Pugg Soccer Goals for small-sided training.

Pugg Goals Set-up & Take-down

The Pugg Goals portable soccer goals are very quick and easy to set up and take down. To set up the Pugg Goal you simply remove them from their storage bag, unfassen the stip of velcro, and give them a twist. The Pugg Soccer goals spring into open position instantly. The Pugg Soccer Goals can be setup within seconds. Don't fool with the other pop-up soccer goals that can take precious practice time setting them up again and again.

To take down the Pugg Soccer Goal you simply hold the bottom corners of each side of the goal, give it a twist, reattach the velcro stip and put it in the bag. It literly takes only a few seconds to take it down.

How Durable are Pugg Goals?

I have had my set of 4 Footer Pugg Goals for over 3 years. Within these three years they have averaged over two trainings a week during fall and spring soccer seasons with kids ranging from 10-14 years old. These goals can withstand the hardest shot and bounce right back up if they are knocked down. The only thing I've had to replace with my Pugg Goals are the elastic bands and pegs that are used to anchor the goal down.

Pugg Goals are Easy to Store and Transport

Once folded up, the Pugg Soccer Goal is approximately 1" thick and lays flat. The goal is easily stored and transported in the trunk of the car. Since the Pugg Goal is compact, it can easily be stored in a closet within the house.