Pugg Soccer Goals

Pugg Goals

Pugg Goals are the best portable soccer goal on the market. Pugg Goals are especially great for coaches and teams that do not have direct access to goals for practices. If you currently use cones to simulate goals you must try a session or two using Pugg Goals and sit back and be prepared to be amazed of the difference in your practices.

Pugg Goals for All Ages

Pugg goals are excellent for all ages of soccer players. So if you coach an under 6 youth soccer team or an under 14 boys team, these Pugg goals will hold up. These Pugg goals are great to use in practices or a goal being used in a casual pick-up game these portable pop-up goals are great. I've seen kids of all ages playing with Pugg goals and no matter the age, Pugg goals can withstand the stress and strain. The bottom line is that Pugg goals are safe for kids and durable for adults.

Pugg Goal Sizes

The Pugg Goal comes in three different size soccer goals. The smallest of the Pugg Goal family is the 2 1/2 Footer Pugg Goal. This Pugg goal is 2.5 feet wide and weigh just a couple pounds each. The 4 Footer Pugg Goal is 4 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet high. A pair of 4 Footer Pugg Goals weights about 4 pounds. The biggest of the Pugg goal family is the 6 Footer Pugg Goal. This goal is 6 foot wide and 3 1/2 feet high. The 6 Footer Pugg goal pair weights about 7 pounds. All of these goals fold down to a flat oval that is about 1 inch tall.

How Do I Buy Pugg Goals?

We recommend you buying your Pugg Soccer Goals from Amazon. Be sure to know exactly what you are getting. Some retail outlets do not sell the goals as a pair. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting before placing the order.